Saturday, 29 September 2012

Net Bread (Roti Jala)

I made this to accompany the Sri Lankan curry we had for dinner. You could have it with any curry though, or even just as a snack. It makes a lovely change from naan breads. This takes minutes to mix up and just minutes to cook, so you can make them while your curry is simmering away just before serving. I used a squeezy bottle to pour into the frying pan, you could also use a piping bag with a fine nozzle.

125g plain flour
2 teaspoon curry powder
Pinch of salt
200ml coconut milk
1 medium egg
vegetable oil.

Add he flour, salt & curry powder to a measuring jug, and make a well in the middle. Add the milk & flour & whisk until smooth. Pour into a squeezy bottle or a piping bag with a fine nozzle/tip.

Heat the vegetable oil in a large frying pan. Swirl the mixture into the pan, in a loop the loop pattern. make sure each loop overlaps another so that it stays together. Cook for 3 minutes then flip. After another 2 minutes, tip onto a warm plate. Repeat until you have 6 or 7 net breads. Serve immediately.

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