Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cooking tips & ideas - soup!

I thought I might start a weekly blog post sharing some cookery tips. I would LOVE for you to share yours, please add them in the comments section. I am making a big pot of soup at the moment, so thought that might be a great place to start!

1. ALWAYS sweat your aromatic veg (carrots, onion, leek, celery). This will break down the cellulose in veg, and bring out their flavours. I sweat mine for about 10 minutes on a low heat in some butter, with a bay leaf chucked in. It really will make a difference to your soup!

2. Perfect seasoning. Keep tasting your soup & adding salt and/or pepper until it tastes great. It sometimes needs more salt than you think, so dont be scared! If you do manage to over-salt your soup though, add a peeled potato to your pot and simmer for 15 minutes. It will absorb the extra salt.

3. Add a fresh un-cooked ingredient as a garnish when you serve - this will also bring out the great flavour. Throw on some fresh chopped herbs, or a dollop of cream/yogurt. A sweet tasting soup (parsnip/sweet potato etc) do weill with some crispy fried salty baon crumbled on top.

Please add your tips, or discuss the ones I have posted :)

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  1. Do you make your own stock? I usually boil bones, but the increased veggie element to our diet has meant less to boil. For veggie soups, I use marigold bouillon powder.