Tuesday, 1 May 2012

15 minute Macaroni cheese!

This is my quick, easy cook meal I use on busy nights. Little Bee had a friend round for tea before they head out to Brownies, so it had to be something quick, tasty & something most kids like! The recipe amount is perfect for 3 children, so up the quantities if you need to feed more. I saw this cheese sauce method on Hestons cooking programme, though I have made it a bit simpler. He reckons that skipping the milk/butter/flour roux makes for a far tastier cheese sauce, and I agree. It really only takes about 15 minutes to make this dish, and the sauce is entirely homemade. You can jazz it up however you like, adding veg, bacon or sliced tomatoes on top. I sometimes add frozen peas & sweetcorn, or diced cooked ham.

Serves 3 children.

250g dried macaroni pasta
150g grated cheese
1/2 pint milk or cream
1 tablespoon cornflour
Pinch of mustard powder
Salt & pepper to season, if needed.

In one pan, bring the macaroni on to boil for 12 minutes (or per pack instructions). Meanwhile, mix the grated cheese in with the cornflour, and toss until all coated. Warm the milk (or cream) in a pan, and add a pinch of mustard powder. Dont let the milk bubble. Add the coated cheese a little bit at a time, until it is all melted into the milk. Try not to over stir! Drain the cooked pasta, tip into a casserole dish, and pour over the cheese sauce & mix. Add cheese to the top if you like, or sliced tomatoes/breadcrumbs/crushed crisps. Pop under the grill for a minute or two to crisp & melt the topping. Then serve!


  1. Thanks, just emailed this to myself so I don't forget it! Keep making a sauce with a roux and its going wrong every time at the moment - will have to try it this way instead!

    1. This is almost a foolproof recipe, Ive yet to go wrong with it!

  2. Interesting! - saw Heston's programme but his recipe had wine in it making it not v child-friendly. I'll have to try this way.

    1. I obvioulsy had to drop the wine for this version ... I have made the wine/stock version for me & my husband, which was very nice. This one still tastes great though!