Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Salmon Saltimbocca

Another recipe from the great Lorraine Pascale TV show, Fast, Fresh & Easy Food. This looked so simple that I had to try it, so had it for lunch today with a rocket side salad. The classic combination of salty prosciutto and salmon is a winner. I am really enjoying her recipes right now, I have a few more to try out in the next few days. You could also use pancetta.

Allow 1 salmon fillet (approx 175g) and 3/4 slices of prosciutto per person.
3 sage leaves per portion
Oil for frying.

Lay 3/4 slices of prosciutto ham, overlapping slightly, on a plate. Place the salmon on top and season. Lay the sage leaves on top, then wrap in the ham.

Heat the oil in a frying  pan. When sizzling, add the salmon parcels. Let them crisp on each side, and until the salmon has cooked through. Serve with potatoes and rocket salad.


  1. This looks lovely Jen and simple too. x

  2. That looks brilliant.
    I read a recipe on MN recently to spread salmon fillets with wasabi, and wrap in nori sheets before baking, which I'm going to try too.

  3. Tried this yesterday and and was lovely; served it with new potato salad made with green pesto, soured cream, lemon juice and pepper.

  4. Cooked this today for me and the wife and thoroughly enjoyed it. Served with new potatoes in a Parsley butter and broccoli. Didn't have the sage at hand but so simple and delicious. She is a food goddess!

  5. Also added a dab of lemon mayo might I add. Perfect.