Thursday, 5 July 2012

Published Recipe!

I have had one of my recipes published in a recipe magazine! I am quite chuffed. The magazine is my favourite recipes and its a monthly mag full of readers recipes. If you are on Facebook, I would really appreciate some votes for this months favourite recipe :) Just go here and pick the "baked meatballs" recipe - Thank you x


  1. Fantastic!! (have voted for you!)

  2. Well done Jen. Not a meaty person but I am sure it is great. By the way oatcakes are my latest favourite thing! Thanks for introducing me to them!

  3. Thank you all!

    Minimbah, glad you like the oatcakes! I love them too, especially with soem nice cheese on or pate :)

  4. Voted - I wish the Facebook page would link us to the recipes, lots of them sound lovely.

    1. Thank you! YOu can buy the magazine in the shops, with all the recipes in, for £1 :)