Saturday, 28 July 2012

Party Nibbles

I had a wee get-together with some of my friends, and I love to be the hostess with the mostess! I'd collected a few recipes for party nibbles, so this seemed a great opportunity to try them out. The one that went down the best is the one I forgot to photograph! Typical! They were sweet chilli sausages, and were eaten very quickly. I will make them again soon I think.

Another nibble I made were the sausage rolls I had previously blogged about here. I added a dash of tomato ketchup, less garlic and sliced them into bite size rolls. Served hot with a ketchup dip, they were delicious.

I had recently spotted these wee tomato/cheese cocktail bites, so had to make them! Very easy to assemble, and taste lovely - a bit different from the usual cheese & pineapple sticks!
They are just cherry tomatoes, a cube of feta and a small basil leaf, speared on a cocktail stick!

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