Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fish Goujon Wraps & Tartare Sauce

Basically, fish finger sandwiches! I defrosted a block of haddock, then decided I didnt fancy having it afterall so decided to make these wraps for the kids tea tonight. I think I need a different batter recipe - this one was too stodgy! I didnt like it, but the kids were ahppy with it. If anyone has a recipe for a nice crisp, light batter then please do share. There was salad leaves leftover from yesterday, and I made a quick tartare sauce. I do love homemade tartare sauce! It is just a basic recipe (no capers in it) but we all like this version better than jarred versions.


120g plain flour
1 ts baking powder
1/2 ts salt
120ml water
1 tb vinegar
1 egg

Add the water to the flour/salt/baking powder & whisk into a thick batter. Add the vinegar & egg and combine thoroughly.

Slice your haddock (or any fish fillet) into chunky fingers. Coat in seasoned plain flour, tap off teh excess, then dip into the batter until thoroughly coated. Fry in very hot oil (if it is not hot enough, it is just very greasy) for about 5 minutes until golden & crispy. Add to wraps with salad and tartare sauce..

Tartare Sauce

60 ml mayonaise
1/2 ts lemon juice
1/2 ts finely chopped onion
1 tb finely chopped gherkin

Combine all the ingredients, and chill in the fridge for 2 hours to let the flavour develop.

After trying to "finely chop" onion & gherkin, I have decided I need a mini chopper!


  1. I can't offer a batter recipe because I'm too scared to fry stuff like that, but I make fishfingers by lining up 3 plates - first one flour, second one beaten egg, third one breadcrumbs - or polenta or oatmeal for the final topping, with some grated lemon zest if I've got a lemon around. Cut the fish into appropriate size chunks then ccoat in the flour, then egg then the coating (you need the flour on first so that the egg will stick, then the egg to make the final topping stick. Drizzle with a little olive oil then bake - usually takes about 15 mins in a reasonably hot oven.

    1. Sounds much healthier than my version! Probably tastier too :D

  2. I use my mini chopper most days, wouldn't be without it.
    You definitely need one!

  3. Hi from another Jenni(in New Zealand).I experiment with recipes all the time.
    I found a Beer batter online which worked well but we don't always have beer in our house. My solution? Tonic water batter.
    2/3 cup self raising flour (or more as long as same amount as tonic water)
    2/3 cup tonic water
    1 egg
    1tsp salt. Beat egg with tonic water. Sift dry ingredientsover. Whisk in.

    1. Hi Jenni :) Thatks forthe recipe, I will try that out & let you know how it turns out!