Sunday, 10 June 2012

American Breakfast Pancakes

I wanted to make a tasty, filling Sunday morning breakfast, so decided to try the American breakfast pancakes like those you get at McDonalds! They were very easy to make and cook. A good tip for perfect pancake batter is to leave some small lumps in the uncooked batter, dont over-whisk. These small lumps disappear whilst cooking and leave you with perfect, delicious pancakes!

120g self raising flour
Pinch of salt
30 g caster sugar
1 egg
142 ml/¼ pint milk

In one bowl, mix the flour, sugar & salt. In another, mix the egg & milk. Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry whilst whiskung gently. Combine the ingredients but do not over-mix and allow some small lumps to be left.

Heat a small frying pan with a tiny amount of oil or butter. Ladel in a dollop of the batter, and tilt the pan to make a medium sized pancake, Cook until small bubbles appear in the pancake, about a minute. Flip and cook the other side for around a minute. Remove to a warm plate and repeat with the rest of the batter. You should get 8 pancakes Serve with maple syrup, bananas, lemon or sugar. Also good with scrambled egg, american breakfast sausage and eggs.


  1. Look very similar to the ones I make...yum!

    I use Golden Syrup rather than maple syrup...cheaper!

  2. Oh there is no substitute for maple syrup!! :)
    We LOVE these, especially on wet, miserable mornings!