Sunday, 29 April 2012


Warm scones out of the oven, spread with butter that melts ...that was my Sunday lunch today. This is my first ever attempt at baking scones. It was a mess! I have totally wrecked my kitchen - I really think I went wrong somewhere. The recipe seems foolproof, but perhaps I am a speical kind of fool ha ha. I baked them anyway, and they tasted divine! Light & tasty instead of the dense "rocks" they sell at my local supermarket. I have plenty for packed lunches this week, so the kids will enjoy this treat. Mine are oddly shaped because the dough was so sticky, the cutter wouldnt cut out neat shapes, so I had to just make balls with my hands!

Recipe can be found here.


  1. I see you used my recipe and the mixture was too wet. I suggest you used an egg AND half a pint of milk instead of an egg MADE UP to half a pint with milk. If I am right, I will correct the recipe to be more clear. If they are enjoyed, then you can count that as a success anyway. :) Good luck next time. Fionnuala.

    1. Oh they were certainly delicious! :) Im just not mucj of a baker, so I am sure I went wrong somwhere. Your dough looked so neat & mine was a wet mess! Will try your suggestion, thank you.