Friday, 20 April 2012

A bit late...Melted Snowman Cookies

A bit out of season, I do apologise! I made this interesting biscuits for the school Christmas Fete, and they were very popular! I think I saw the idea on Pinterest, and just winged it my own way. They are quite easy & simple to do, and really fun for kids to eat. I sat up til 10pm the nigth before the fete making these though! You need a pack of plain biscuits, white marshmallows, icing sugar, red laces (sweets) and icing pens.

Start by drawing faces on the marshmallows with icing pens. Make up the icing my mixing icing sugar with a tiny bit of warm water. Pour on the biscuits & very quickly stick on a marshamllow before it dries. Once dried, tie a red lace around the marshmallow like a scarf. Finish off with coal buttons, using an icing pen.

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