Sunday, 29 April 2012

Meal Plan

How many of you meal plan? I find it saves me a lot of money so I try to do it as often as possible now. I dont alwyas include the weekends, as I never know what we are doing! Weeknights are pretty cheduled here though, so meal planning fits in well. My plan is in no order, I just go by either use-by dates or what we fancy that particular day. We tend to have a soup & pudding night once a week, as I dont really do pudding after a hafty meal. This is usually the kids favourite dinner of the week!

Ok, so this is my meal plan for the coming week ....

1. Carribean Fish Pie
2. Lasagne & salad.
3. Cypriot chicken, carrots & potatoes
4. Chickpea & ketchup curry/beef curry & pilau rice.
5. Soup & pudding night! This week it's chicken noodle soup & toffee apple pudding with custard.

Feel free to share your meal plan, either by writing it in the commenst or linking to it :) I always love to read others.


  1. Love the idea of soup and pudding night - I may start that at our house. I meal plan like mad, but like you, I tend to chop and change what I actually cook on what night depending on how my mood takes me. This week, our meal plan includes, chicken fajitas, ham, artichoke and olive pizza pie (an old Good Food recipe that I'm revisiting), pasta with new potatoes, green beans and pesto, nettle quiche (yes, really, nettles! I think it will be like spinach) and meatloaf with red pepper salsa. The only night that's for definite is the meatloaf on Friday - first proper camping trip of the year!

  2. That pizza sounds interesting! Can you buy nettles or do you have to forage for them?