Friday, 5 October 2012


I am a great lover of green tea, especially the flavoured kind. A lovely lady at contacted me to see if I would like to try some of their teas - of course I said yes! I received a box containing a few different variates. This morning, instead of my usual green tea & peach (mmm, this is my favourite flavour!) I decided to try one of the flowering teas. I was so excited to try this, I have never seen one before. You pop the ball into a glass teapot or tempered glass pitcher, pour over hot (but not boiling) water & sit back to watch. It slowly opens up, and out pops the flower! The kids really enjoyed watching it (as did I). I left it for 5 minutes, before pouring myself a cup using a strainer to catch any stray bits. It was surprisingly tasty! I thought the tea was mostly for show, but the taste was lovely too. These would make brilliant Christmas presents! A perfect wee stocking filler or as part as a wee hamper for someone. I cant wait to try the other varieties they sent me!


 This is the tea I made today ....

Two Dragons and a Pearl Flower Tea

This flowering tea is a made from a base of high quality Silver Needle Green Tea, combined with Globe Amaranth, Marigold and Jasmine flowers. When brewing this blooming tea, two arms of jasmine and globe amaranth petals will slowly expand upwards cupping a single marigold flower. So given this name.


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