Sunday, 2 January 2011

Chicken Parmo

I saw a discussion about this dish on Mumsnet this evening. It sounded interesting and disgustingly fattening. With my plans for a healtier eating plan after my husbands birthday on Tuesday, I decided to give this meal a try!

It was quite simple to make, I bashed 2 chicken breasts into quarter inch flat pieces. Dip into beathen egg, flour & breadcrumbs. Shallow fry until both sides are golden. I quickly knocked up a bechmel sauce (infused milk (bay leaf & onion), butter & flour) which you pour on top of the breaded chicken, then top with grated cheddar. I put it into the oven until the cheese was all golden & melty. Decided on just a side salad, as this looked like a coronary on a plate! Glad I did, as it is quite filling!

It was quite nice, would probably have it again with crispy bacon or some other topping added.

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